Communication, imagination, enthusiasm and spirit

Me … in a nutshell

Nice to meet you … I’m LucaI was born in 1993 and I’m just an Italian native of Como where there’s one of the most lovely lakes in the world.

I graduated in 2013 in graphics and visual communication. Then I joined the course of communication, public relations and advertising at IULM University in Milan. Self-study, the desire and the passion have made me qualified in different sector of the design, communication and media trasforming my main interests in my current job.

Today – and I’ve also grown – I live in Brianza a north-area filled with many enchanting lakes and a beautiful landscape.


I’m a young marketing guy chasing the dream armed with an extensive skill set and driven by a passion for sport, media and design.

  • CommunicationWe mustn’t forget that there’re people behind devices, so it’s important to create a deep dialogue with them.
  • Community ManagementBe the representative of consumers has become essential and it’s important to be able to enhance people. And why not … transforming the criticisms in the brand strengths.
  • Social Media MarketingIt’s a profession linked to a constant daily progress and learning. My personal mantra is: “work until your idols, become your rivals.


I’ve a social thought. I like to see and change the way the world communicates offering a wonderful experience through social media. Empathy is a process that I often use in my approach. I’m probably too curious but it’s not a fault, trust me.
Newness always lead to change and to win the unknown.

I learn quickly and I transfer the skills gained from previous experiences in the new area in which I’ll start to dedicate in. Albert Einstein said: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. I’m always moving in trying to learn and grow.

I know very well the language of social media, it’s useful to hit people in the right way. Last but not least, I’ve a huge passion and I’m damned glad of what I do every day.